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Two Health Gadgets w/ LIVE Audience | Gadget Game Show

For the first time, the gadget gameshow “What The Heck Is That?” goes on the road to do its first episode in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE!! Thanks to AARP, AARP INNOVATION LAB, AARP AGE TECH COLABORATIVE and VENTURE MIAMI. Steve showcase two mystery gadgets that could SAVE YOUR LIFE. Host Steve Greenberg from NBC’s TODAY Show has the answers in this must-watch episode of The New Gadget Game Show: What The Heck Is That!?

0:00 Intro Live!
2:28 Panelists
3:35 1st Gadget
3:50 Panelist Questions!
4:52 Final Guesses!
5:44 Gadget Reveal!
6:28 2nd Gadget
6:35 Panelist Questions!
7:24 Final Guesses!
8:12 Gadget Reveal!