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WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? The Gadget Game Show is a fun mix of “Shark Tank” and the classic TV show “What’s My Line?”

For decades game shows have had “gadgets” as the prize—this game show is all about the gadgets. 

How’s your Gadget IQ? 

In each episode, our clever panelists are shown a “mystery gadget.” It’s a new product—but its function is not known by the general public or our panelists. With the host’s help, our panelists ask Yes/No questions to try to guess the identity and function of the mystery gadget.  Are our panelists up to the challenge? Are you up to the challenge?

It’s all about trying to figure out “What The Heck Is That?

Meet the host

Steve Greenberg is an award-winning author, TV personality and expert on innovation and technology.

The Panelists

What the Heck is That? features panelists with years of experience in the technology, consumer electronics, TV and media industries. 

Hey Gadget Inventors -
Do you have a gadget that would stump the Panel?