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Episode 69 – A Must Have Gadget with a Twist

The #Gadget #GameShow “What The Heck Is That?” is back in #LasVegas for the #NHS2023 aka The #Hardware Show. Host Steve Greenberg welcomes some big time movers and shakers in the @UIATV #UIAUSA Kimberly Meckwood @kimmeckwood2513 #ClickandCarry Austin Maxwell @KangaCoolersMedia JuJu Clark @TANDMSurf Scott Wallace @imthecheftoobusiness9080 In episode 69, the panel is trying to guess the identity of a #must-have mystery green gadget with a twist.

0:00 Intro Live!
0:36 Round 1
3:05 Round 2
3:23 Gadget Reveal!