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5 Problem Solving Products

The #gadget #gameshow “What The Heck Is That?” is off this week— but don’t panic— Host Steve Greenberg has 5 Problem Solving Products.

0:00 Intro!
0:25 Slice Wrap Rage Bundle
1:31 Fluicer
2:02 Vacuum Weasel Roller Cleaning Kit
2:43 Oura Ring
3:20 Dawn House Sleep System Smart Bed
4:18 For More Info!


Slice Wrap Rage Bundle — The Wrap Rage Bundle includes three of these tools that make people and places safer: their best-selling Safety Cutter, the Manual Mini Cutter and the Manual Box Cutter. With their unique Finger-Friendly® blades that are safe to the touch, you can say goodbye to stressful unboxing. The three tools in the Wrap Rage Bundle are perfect for cutting double-corrugated cardboard, shrinkwrap, blister packaging and coupons or opening pesky clamshell and food packaging. Slice makes common cutting tasks safer and easier – protecting you and the contents of your packages. This Slice Wrap Rage Bundle is $29.99 with free shipping — with part of the proceeds going to autism research— for more info go to:

Fluicer (as in Flat Juicer) — The Fluicer is an easy squeeze citrus juicer that folds completely flat for space-saving storage. This is the must-have juicer. It’s $16.95 at @Dreamfarm

Vacuum Weasel Roller Cleaning Kit from Flexisnake — removes hair, dirt, debris from vacuum rollers. Vacuum Cleaner roller brushes always clog up and make your vacuuming less effective. Now there is a brand new way to remove hair, thread and carpet fibers from your clogged up vacuum head. The brand new Vacuum Weasel Roller Cleaning Kit includes 3 six inch roller cleaning sticks, 1 handle and 1 drill adapter. For the ultimate quick-clean job on your vacuum roller, use the included drill adapter with one of the cleaning sticks and let your drill do the work! Just spin one of the Vacuum Weasel cleaning sticks at slow to medium speed and move it along the vacuum roller brush. It’s $8.98 at:

Oura Ring — delivers personalized health and wellness data, insights, and daily guidance. OURA is your personalized health tool — packing sleep insights, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, illness monitoring, and more into a single tool that gets to know your personal “normal” and provides tailored insights to help you answer key questions about your health. The Oura Ring uses advanced sensor technology to deliver personalized sleep and health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body. The Oura Rings starts at $299 with a monthly fee of $5.99 following a free first month of membership. For more info go to

Dawn House Sleep System Smart Bed — Designed for older adults and anyone with changing health needs, after extensive research with medical care professionals, senior communities and residents. This CES award-winning smart bed combines better sleep, safety and style. With adjustable height, motion-activated floor lights, optional support rail and a voice activated console, you can finally achieve the safe and restful sleep you deserve. Plus, manage wellness monitoring through the bed’s built-in sensors! You can keep track of vital sleep and health metrics, such as heart rate, respiration and movement, and choose to share health reports with loved ones and healthcare professionals through the Dawn House App. To control the bed — just use voice-commands, the ergonomically designed wireless remote or your in-app remote. Starts at $4,795 and includes the base, headboard, sensors, app, free shipping, white glove delivery and 30-day free trial. Purchase online or find their selected retail locations at